2021 Developing Competencies for HR Success- Session 2 Package

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Welcome to IPMA-HR's Developing Competencies for HR Success!   

Over the next 11 weeks, we will be learning together about a new way to conduct our business, and move our organizations forward. During the eleventh week, you will have an opportunity to prepare to take the IPMA-SCP Certification Examination.

The IPMA-HR Competency model incorporates 4 major roles-Business Partner, Change Agent, Leader and HR Expert

This course focuses on the first three in a manner that is instructive on how HR professionals need to apply HR Expert knowledge and skills. The Competencies can be thought of as highlights of behaviors, knowledge, skills, abilities, values and attitudes that exemplify what should be expected of an HR Professional.

It is important for class participants to have a primary focus on the roles and view the competencies as components within each of those roles. That is the basis of the IPMA-HR Competency Model.

This course is about being effective in the context of the environment in which we work. It is not just about learning or memorizing the list of competencies. Just learning the list of competencies would be insufficient without significant additional study to gain a thorough understanding of the IPMA-HR Competency Model. It is about the carrying out the roles of the model through the appropriate application of competencies. The test in the past has been a combination of questions on knowledge and the application of competencies. To be effective on the test you need to not only learn the facts from the text (the participant manual) but be able to determine how it should be applied given a set of facts. 

Your Trainer: TBD

Course Materials:

The course Participant Manual and the Professional Needs Self-Assessment can be found in the "Course Materials" tab upon logging in to the course. Depending on when you registered, you will receive the Risk Taking Inventory and Guide in the mail shortly.

  • Developing Competencies for HR Success Participant Manual (e-book)
  • Professional Needs Self-Assessment (e-book)
  • The Risk Taking Inventory and Guide (to be mailed)

Please make sure you can access these materials. If you have not received your Risk Taking Inventory and Guide, please contact meetings@ipma-hr.org immediately for further assistance.

To get started, please review the following tabs in the course content section:

  • Welcome Message
  • Course Materials
  • Course Syllabus and Schedule
  • IPMA-SCP Certification
  • Exam Information

Every week, you can refer to the "Course Syllabus and Schedule" tab to see the work to be accomplished during that week. 

IPMA-HR Cafe can be used at any time during the course to pose questions or concerns that may be of interest to the class participants.

Course Discussions

Participation in the Discussions is essential to learning throughout the course. The focus of the discussions are on the application of the competencies relative to the roles of Business PartnerChange Agent, and Leader. The discussions among class participants and instructor responses can help to give clarity to the meaning of the competencies. For example, it is critical to understand the change process if you are going to be successful as a change agent. There are several competencies which need to be appropriately applied to be an effective Change Agent. They do not exist or get applied in isolation. They are normally applied in bundles or combinations.  

It is important to commit to staying current with the weekly course assignments. The class is most effective when all participants stay provide their responses and comments to other participants' within roughly the same timeframe.   This enhances the engagement in the course.  Students are required to make a post for each exercise, as well as, 2 additional comments to two different students.

Again, welcome to the course, and if you have any issues or concerns contact the instructor.  If you would like to further discuss any of the course materials or exercises, please contact the instructor either by phone or email.

We look forward to providing you with a successful training experience! 

  • 2021 Developing Competencies for HR Success-Session 2

    Contains 93 Component(s)

    Developing Competencies for HR Success is an 11-week comprehensive leadership course developed to provide-mid to senior-level human resource professionals, committed to working in the public sector, with a foundation for success. This comprehensive training program challenges HR professionals to meet the ever-changing demands of the public sector and prepares you to be a partner in organizational change-ensuring your agency remains relevant for the future.

  • IPMA-SCP Exam IV (Version 2-G.1)

    Contains 4 Component(s)

    IPMA-SCP Exam IV (Version 2-G.1) -- This exam will expire in 45 days from its activation. For those enrolled in the DEVELOPING COMPETENCIES FOR HR SUCCESS, you must complete all course components (modules) in order to gain access to the exam. You will see an activate button in the upper right hand corner. Remember, do not click the ACTIVATE button until you are ready to start the exam. If this activate button is clicked, your exam 45 day window will begin and WILL NOT be reactivated. Please make sure to activate the exam before the end of your course.


    IPMA-SCP Exam

    The IPMA-SCP exam is based on 20 HR Competencies — these are the same competencies upon which the Developing Competencies for HR Success (DCHRS) course is based. If you have questions, please contact IPMA-HR (certification@ipma-hr.org) at 703/549-7100 for further instructions.

    Please review the IPMA-SCP Prerequisites:

    To be eligible for the IPMA-SCP certification, your experience must be considered at the professional/managerial level and be considered exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). You must meet one of the following education/experience prerequisites:

    • A graduate-level degree and 2 years of HR experience, including 1 year in public sector HR.
    • A Bachelor’s degree and 4 years of HR experience, including 1 year in public sector HR.
    • An Associate's degree and 6 years of HR experience, including 1 year in public sector HR.
    • No degree and 8 years of HR experience, including 1 year in public sector HR.

    Congratulations on choosing to become certified!  Your examination access will expire (deactivate) 45 days after the date of receipt (for your specific expiration day and time please see "My Courses")expired logins will not be reactivated.  Additional logins are available for purchase (additional fee required). 


    • Overview
    • IPMA-SCP Exam 
      • IPMA-SCP Exam Declaration
      • IPMA-SCP Exam
      • IPMA-SCP Completion Survey
    • What's Next (contains information about the IPMA-SCP application process.)

    To Avoid Connection Interruptions:

    • Please be sure to use a durable laptop/desktop computer (versus a notebook/pad).
    • A hard-wired Ethernet connection is better than a Wi-Fi internet connection.
    • If using Wi-Fi (we do not recommend), please limit other Wi-Fi users (we recommend only 1 user).
    • Minimize (or shut off completely) other browsers and items running on your computer to avoid bandwidth issues.
    • Avoid taking the exam while connected to VPN access (working remotely) as that can cause issues.

    Recommended Browsers:

    • Chrome 60 or greater
    • Firefox 52 or greater  
    • Edge 14 or greater  
    • Safari 10 or greater  
    • iOS 10 or greater 
    • Always use the most current version.
    • CAUTION:  Internet Explorer 11 while using Windows 7 is not recommended since that does not support modern web design. 

    Exam Navigation:

    The exam is closed book  (outside help or test collaboration is not allowed) consisting of 85 multiple-choice questions; you have 3 hours to complete the exam (must be completed in one sitting).  An extra 5 minutes has been added so you can submit your exam (you must submit right at 3 hours -- please be mindful of the time limit)

    • There will be 10 questions per page (nine pages - fives questions on page 9).
    • You can expand the test page by dragging on the bottom right corner.
    • To advance to the previous or next question within the page, you may drag the “scroll bar” located on the right-hand side up or down.
    • At the end of each page, there will be a "Next" button.
    • After the first page, there will be a "Previous" button.
    • A timer can be found on the far right bottom corner.
    • "Submit" button on last page
    • IMPORTANT:  You must complete your test and submit your exam before the time limit expires.  
    • An extra 5 minutes has already been added (see above) so you can submit your exam (you must submit right at 3 hours -- please be mindful of the time limit).  
    • If you do not submit your exam before the time limit expires, your exam will not be saved and it will not be retrievable at a later time (test will have to be retaken).
    • You will be prompted of any unanswered questions before the exam is submitted.  
    • If time permits and you have more than 5 minutes remaining on the clock (please be cautious with your time), you can click on the "Cancel" button and go back to complete unanswered questions.
    • If you are finished and have answered all questions (unanswered questions will be marked incorrect), you can click on the "Ok" button.
    • You will be prompted with a "pass" or a "did not pass" status along with your score.
    • Please jot down your status and score for your records.
    • Then click "Ok" and complete the IPMA-SCP Completion Survey (See Next Tab).

    Thank you,